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Welcome on codeitsimple, a blog on life and technology

31 Oct 2016 . category: tech . Comments
#jekyll #cloudflare #github

Welcome on codeitsimple

After a long overdue overhaul of the webiste, based on an amazing template by Panos Sakkos, I have moved to a new stack (Github pages, cloudflare, jekyll) which is absolutely fantastic! It’s free, simple to use, there are services if you prefer admin panels instead of emacs or vscode ;)!

Simply put, it’s a very solid stack that gives you a fast, cached, secured (https), high availability.

There are some drawbacks. Everything you will do is public, so keep that in mind (pages need to be on a public repo to be free). There are the common GitHub limitations (file size: <100mb, repo size:<1gb), but overall, for a public website (blog, corporate website), it’s a very nice way to limit cost.

If you like the template, you can star it or fork it! Here are the magic buttons:


Alexandre Lafrance-Drouin has been in the industry since 2007, working on different enterprise project. Based in Montréal, he spends most of his free time with his family, or keeps busy with programming, networking, building docker instances and thinkering with everything that relates to technology.